Eco Friendly Solid Shampoo

We love our wide range of eco friendly shampoo bars. They are just the way to go to be environmentally responsible as well as to avoid plastic usage in our everyday life. 

We love camomile and lemon shampoo because it has amazing properties for hair and scalp.

Discover, for instance, camomile and lemon shampoo bar. It has amazing properties for hair and scalp. It eliminates bacteria, itching and flaking. It is a "natural dye" as it lightens the hair and leaves it brighter, especially to light hair, which provides them with golden tones.

aromanesque solid shampoo

Lemon brings shine and a healthier look to the hair. It lightens and repairs blonde hair, it is also very effective against oily hair. It is recommended for damaged or dry hair, to repair them and restore their natural shine. The base of the solid shampoo is made with high quality vegetable oils that create a wonderful creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair. 

Choose our organic and non-polluting solid shampoo, which is fully recyclable as it does not waste plastic bottles and containers. 

This special purifying and repairing formula has been designed using nature's cleansing plants to clean and protect your hair and scalp, leaving you with a zingy astringent sensation to invigorate your senses. Particularly suitable for oily hair and scalp. Solid Shampoo is also environmentally friendly as you are not wasting plastic bottles and packaging.

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