Marvellous Floral Fizzes

Whether you're looking for something to treat yourself or you need a perfect gift, you just found it! Made with the best, carefully chosen ingredients, every Floral Fizz has its own unique scent and color, all are scrumptiously scented and lavishly decorated.

Everyone needs sometimes some pampering. Fizz up your bath! Aromanesque Magnificent Floral Fizzes will make your bath time special.

The Lay Back & Languish Floral Fizz contains lavender, wich is far more than just an aromatic plant. It is well known for its healing properties, some of its benefits are the ability of treating anxiety, fungal infections or hair loss. Also works as a sedative, helps to increase relaxation and calm, and fights insomnia. That is all you need for a perfect, gentle, relaxing bath.

The Passion Fashion Floral Fizz is made with Cabbage Rose, also known as “hundred petal” rose, which has a very specific, clear, sweet, honey-like scent. In combination with the heavy, slightly fruity floral scent of Ylang-Ylang you can be sure, that tis fizz will wake up your passion.

The combination of corn mint, rosemary and spearmint in AliveAlive! Floral Fizz will definitely wake up your senses, thanks to their aromatic, fresh scent. Above it, these herbs are great antioxidants, they enhance memory and concentration and reduce stress. So after a bath with this fizz, you will feel stronger and really alive!

The Force of Nature Floral Fizz contains Chamomile, which is used for helping with sleep and relaxation, treating cold symptoms, treatment for mild skin conditions. Take a warm bath with this fizz and you will feel completly relaxed.

The combination of English Lavender oil, Patchouli oil and Provence Rose petals contained in Romantic Rebel Floral Fizz makes it really very special.

Aromanesque Magnificient Floral Fizzes

Lavender helps lighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, patchouli treats skin conditions such as dry skin, provides feelings of relaxation and helps to ease stress. Rose petals can help soothe irritated skin and reduce its redness, not to mention, that they are so romantic!

Roman chamomile has calming and anti-bacterial properties. It fights against inflammation of the skin. Since it has antiseptic qualities, it is able to remove bacteria. Clary sage oil has also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Both of these are contained in Dream in Blue Floral Fizz and it is a guarantee of a dreamy bath.

Enjoy your bath with the Star Struck Floral Fizz! Key lime oil and Orange oil gives the characteristic sweet citrus aroma of limes to this fizz. They both treat skin conditions such as inflammation or dry skin and can lift your mood or reduce stress. Star Anise oil and Star Anise seed with the aroma similar to black licorice promotes sleep and relieves muscle aches. This fizz is the perfect choice after a long day.

A caring bath with refreshing fruity-floral scent is always a great idea. Treat yourself with the lovely Pear Drop Floral Fizz!

Lemon & Lime Floral Fizz captures the bright, sunshine-y, happy-making essence of citrus fruits. This fresh, aromaic bath will be a very pleasant experience.

The tropical, exotic, not too sweet but very fruity fragrance of Guava Floral Fizz is the real deal. Take your time soaking in the water, close your eyes for a few minutes and just relax!

The stunning, fruity-sweet exotic notes of Pineapple & Pomegranate Floral Fizz will make you feel like you are on a holiday in tropical paradise.