Bath Paradise & At-Home Spa

When your bathroom is heaven and bath time is a ritual! We will help you supercharge your soak and turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. Find out our essential oils, Epsom salts,...
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Mango & Lime Lotion 300ml

Scented Hand & Body Lotions - 300ml

€10,90 EUR
Scented Hand & Body Lotions - 300ml are perfect for daily use. If you like uplifting fragrances and affordable prices, you should definitely consider ordering these. Designed to keep skin naturally...
Cocktail Body Sugar Scrub - 300g

Cocktail Body Sugar Scrub - 300g

€14,95 EUR
Cocktail Body Sugar Scrubs - 300g are one of the best natural beauty products to exfoliate the skin. With wonderful fragrances and the addition of Shea butter, they uplift the...
Pin Up Secret Soap - Black Soap Bar - 85g

Pin Up Secret Soap - Black Soap Bar - 85g

€7,20 EUR
Our new Pin Up Secret Soap - Black Soap Bar - 85g with added Pure Essential Oil, Argan Oil, Hempseed Oil, and Shea Butter is truly amazing. It will clean the skin deeply,...
Fruity Scrub Soap on a Rope

Fruity Scrub Soap on a Rope

€14,90 EUR
Get your happy scrub feeling with our Scrub Soap on a Rope. Your hands, body, and soul will feel cleansed, nourished, and moisturized. Exfoliating is one of the best things you...
Seaweed - Olive Oil Soap Slice

Hand-crafted Olive Oil Artisan Soaps

€4,95 EUR€6,15 EUR
Discover our range of Hand-crafted Olive Oil Artisan Soaps. Beautifully made from fine ingredients directly from our manufacturer in sunny Spain. They look and smell stunning and have the benefit...
Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditionner

Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditioner - 60g

€9,95 EUR€8,95 EUR
Say goodbye to bad hair days with our new range of Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditioner. These solid shampoo & conditioner bars will leave your hair incredibly soft, conditioned, shiny, and free...
Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml

Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml

€14,95 EUR€13,95 EUR
Our new Aromatherapy Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml (glass amber bottle) is a 100% Europe pure & natural oil-based lotion with no artificial fragrances. Essential oils have been used...
Bath Bombs Diamonds - 180g - Bath Bombs - Aromanesque

Bath Bombs Diamonds - 180g

€4,85 EUR
Make bath time a little bit more luxurious with our new Bath Bombs Diamonds. These bath bombs are perfect to make a gift for yourself and your beloved ones to...
Funky Bath Bombs - 180g - Bath Bombs - Aromanesque

Funky Bath Bombs - 180g

€5,85 EUR
Funky Bath Bombs! We have a great selection for you to choose from, all of which are scrumptiously scented and lavishly decorated. They are ideal for giving as a gift...
Luxury Scrubs & Sponges - Bathroom Accessories - Aromanesque

Luxury Scrubs & Sponges

€4,50 EUR€10,95 EUR
Shop our new luxury scrubs and sponges. Made from linen and bamboo, they are a perfect and very much essential addition to any bathroom and bath rituals. These luxurious bathing accessories, massage, and...
Massage & Bath Oils - 100ml - Essential Oils - Aromanesque

Massage & Bath Oils - 100ml

€14,95 EUR€10,95 EUR
Stimulate your senses with these amazingly fragrant, moisturizing relaxing Massage & Bath Oils. Warm the oil between your hands, then soothe and delight each other or enjoy some quality solo pampering. ...
Pure and Natural Beard Oils - 50ml

Pure and Natural Beard Oils - 50ml

€14,95 EUR
For Men! The conditioning properties of good beard oil are indispensable. Beard Oil will not only help to grow a better one but make it more comfortable, healthy, and sweet-smelling...
Double Butter Luxury Soap Slices - 100g

Double Butter Luxury Soap Slices - 100g

€7,95 EUR
Our Double Butter Luxury Soap Slices are handmade with premium blends of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and create a magnificently creamy, soothing lather that helps make your skin soft and moisturized. Moreover,...
Loofah Soap Slice - 100g - Handmade Soap - Aromanesque

Loofah Soap Slice - 100g

€5,95 EUR
Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and what is a better way of doing that than with a loofah soap? Loofah sponges come from...
Solid Shampoo & Conditioners - 60g

Solid Shampoo & Conditioners - 60g

€11,90 EUR€9,50 EUR
Compact and easy to use, our vegan-friendly solid shampoo & conditioner bars combine gentle and soft cleansing ingredients with pure Cocoa Butter and Keravis protein. Solid Shampoo & Conditioners help...
Aromatherapy Shower Steamer - 80g - Bath Bombs - Aromanesque

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer - 80g

€3,15 EUR€16,95 EUR
Aromatherapy Shower Steamer... Just like a bath bomb, but for the shower! Simply place it in the base of your shower to create a spa-like aromatic environment. Add a luxury touch...

When your bathroom is heaven and bath time is a ritual! We will help you supercharge your soak and turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. Find out our essential oils, Epsom salts, and gua sha tools to help you transform your bath time into a ritual.

Welcome to our bath and body products department. Here you will find all kinds of soaps, bath bombs & fizzers, bath roses, bath salts, shower sponges, and much more ... Most of the products are handmade and come from our factory. They are made for you with experience, a lot of effort, and love. You will also find our beautiful soap flowers here, indistinguishable from the real flowers. 

We are so passionate about bath rituals, soap, and bath bombs hand-made with love in the EU. You can be assured of the quality and value we offer. Our range includes our own manufactured soap loaves and bath bombs, sold all over the world.

Bathing rituals are the new spa days. So turn your bathroom into a paradisiac at-home Spa! 

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