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Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditionner

Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditioner - 60g

€9,95 EUR€8,95 EUR
Say goodbye to bad hair days with our new range of Wild Hare Solid Shampoo & Conditioner. These solid shampoo & conditioner bars will leave your hair incredibly soft, conditioned, shiny, and free...
Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml

Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml

€14,95 EUR€13,95 EUR
Our new Aromatherapy Hand & Body Lotion - 250ml (glass amber bottle) is a 100% Europe pure & natural oil-based lotion with no artificial fragrances. Essential oils have been used...
Magic Candles With Gemstones for Positive Energy - 50H

Magic Candles With Gemstones for Positive Energy - 50H

€24,95 EUR€21,95 EUR
Magic Candles With Gemstones for Positive Energy are empowered by the pure element of fire, which represents transformation. Appreciate that the humble flame can change anything and everything. It can turn a love...
Massage & Bath Oils - 100ml - Essential Oils - Aromanesque

Massage & Bath Oils - 100ml

€14,95 EUR€10,95 EUR
Stimulate your senses with these amazingly fragrant, moisturizing relaxing Massage & Bath Oils. Warm the oil between your hands, then soothe and delight each other or enjoy some quality solo pampering. ...
Pillar Candles - Candles - Aromanesque
50X100mm, 60x100mm, 60x120mm, 60x150mm, 80x200mm, 80x250mm

Pillar Candles

€3,95 EUR€16,95 EUR
Pillar Candles will be perfect for decorating your home. They work well as the decoration of the fireplace and also as a romantic addition to dinner. These dipped candles are...
Cactus Candles - Set of 6 - Candles - Aromanesque

Cactus Candles - Set of 6

€12,90 EUR€10,95 EUR
Add a quirky and original touch to your décor with these cute Cactus Candles. Cactus candles are safe, stylish, and self-contained. They don’t require a candle holder and are safe to...
Aromatherapy Candles - Wooden Wick - 40H - Candles - Aromanesque

Aromatherapy Candles - Wooden Wick - 40H

€27,00 EUR€18,95 EUR
Our Aromatherapy Candles are made with natural soy wax, pure and natural high-quality essential oils a wooden wick, for that cozy crackling sound. These candles come in a lovely gift...
Solid Shampoo & Conditioners - 60g

Solid Shampoo & Conditioners - 60g

€11,90 EUR€9,50 EUR
Compact and easy to use, our vegan-friendly solid shampoo & conditioner bars combine gentle and soft cleansing ingredients with pure Cocoa Butter and Keravis protein. Solid Shampoo & Conditioners help...
Essential Oils Bath Bombs - Set of 3 - Bath Bombs - Aromanesque

Essential Oils Bath Bombs - Set of 3

€13,95 EUR€9,50 EUR
Made with essential oils blends, these bath bombs may help you to relax and to help ease restlessness and anxiety. Fragranced with only essential oils, each bomb weighs in at 120...
Potion Bath Balls - Set of 3 - Bath Bombs - Aromanesque

Potion Bath Balls - Set of 3

€12,95 EUR€9,30 EUR
Our Potion Bath Balls are perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day. For sure, they are a great choice.  As you may know, our aromatherapy bath bombs are...
Fragranced Shaving Soap - 100g

Fragranced Shaving Soap - 100g

€7,95 EUR€6,95 EUR
Our Fragranced Shaving Soap offers a rich, thick lather full of fragrance to suit everyone. Whether that be natural ingredients for sensitive skin or an intense perfume. Our Shaving Soap...
Gemstone Facial Roller - Body & Skincare - Aromanesque

Gemstone Facial Roller

€14,38 EUR€50,00 EUR
Crafted from jade, quartz, sodalite, or amethyst for positive energy, the Gemstone Facial Roller & Gua Sha is the perfect addition to your skincare. Gemstone facial rollers can be amazing tools to alleviate tension, increase circulation,...
Aromatherapy Blends for Car Diffusers - 10ml - Essential Oils - Aromanesque

Aromatherapy Blends for Car Diffusers - 10ml

€12,90 EUR€10,50 EUR
We drive to work, to school, on holiday and as well as hit the traffic jams. With everyday driving, we might get a little hot-headed on the road, or need...
Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kit - Aroma Diffusers - Aromanesque

Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kit

€23,99 EUR€17,50 EUR
Enhance your trip with this unique aromatherapy car diffuser. You can select your favorite essential oils or blends and experience the positive vibes and health benefits they provide while driving....
Bamboo Products - Bathroom Accessories - Aromanesque

Bamboo Products

€2,50 EUR€5,95 EUR
From Earth to Earth, our Bamboo Toothbrushes are soft and comfortable in your hand as well as in your mouth. They clean teeth just as well as a standard plastic toothbrush, but are...
Set of 6 Scented Tealights - Salt Cave

Scented Tealights - Set of 6

€3,50 EUR€2,95 EUR
This set of scented tealights allows you to create an atmosphere and ambiance quickly and easily. Choose from various amazing fragrances. These scented tealights can be used in a range of...
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